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Benefits Of Vitamin C For The Skin

Still nowhere to be found, is the fountain of youth. But now you can get your hands on a product that can replicate its powers – Skeyndor’s Power C line

Say goodbye to looking 40 at 40! When used on a daily, each potent drop of Power C products can help retain and maintain that youthful complexion that defies age. Vitamin C’s ability to keep the skin young and fresh is so effective. Even supermodels like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio swear by it.

But Vitamin-C infused skin care products are more than just their age-rewind abilities. Here, we’ve listed down some of the benefits of incorporating the Power C Range to your skincare routine.

Helps in Collagen Regeneration

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin – strong signs your skin is not getting enough collagen. As you age, collagen production lessens, leaving you more susceptible to age marks. Vitamin C gives collagen production a boost which will, in turn, diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Detoxifies the Skin

If you’re always exposed to pollution and the sun, chances are your skin is filled with toxins that make your face look dull, lifeless, old. Apply a generous amount of Vitamin C Cream – a product packed with powerful antioxidants –  to help flush away harmful toxins from the skin for that brighter, fresher look. 

Speeds Up Healing

Did your most recent breakout leave you with inflamed pimples and stubborn marks? Power C’s Vitamin C Ampoule helps speed up healing of breakouts, acne marks, and other blemishes to give you that blemish-free face in no time. 

Brightens Skin 

When the collagen production is running smoothly, cell regeneration is also in full swing. This allows for healthy skin cells to replace dead skin cells, giving you a bright complexion. Antioxidants that leave your skin lifeless also helps revive your glow. To make sure collagen production is up and running, keep your Power C Vitamin C ampoule close.

Reduces Appearance of Dark Circles

Arguably one of the most stubborn, glaring signs of skin aging, dark circles make you look like you’ve been stressed for days. Get rid of your bags and the color under your eyes with Skeyndor’s Vitamin C Eye Contour Gel – it’s packed with components that help reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation from lack of sleep and stress.

Feel good, feel young, defy your age. Keep the stubborn skin aging signs at bay with our must-try Power C products. Keep them guessing. 

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