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What Can Stem Cells Do For Your Skin?

Did you know that around 10,000 skin cells are born from one stem cell? Skin cells are constantly regenerating and on average live for 21 days. They make their way up from the deepest layers of your skin where they then die protecting themselves from external aggressors. As the engine for the constant renewal of your skin it is important we nourish and protect precious stem cells so they can keep producing your best skin.

As you age the activity of stem cells decrease. This is when you start to notice those first signs of ageing; thinner and more delicate skin, sagging, wrinkles and lack of luminosity. After the age of 40, the skin’s regeneration cycle slows down. New skin cells take longer to reach the surface of the skin, and dead cells can take twice as long to disappear, affecting the youthful appearance of your skin. 

Do skincare products and skin treatments with stem cells make sense before the age of 40? Yes!

Young skin regenerates more quickly, and to mimic this we suggest an aggressive treatment, such as a peel, which removes lots of dead skin cells at once, to then help your stem cells to renew and activate the production of new, healthy and strong skin cells more quickly. Then we recommend stem cell skin products and treatments. 

How exactly does a stem cell treatment work? The answer seems simple, but it is the result of many years of scientific research to ensure proven results. At Skeyndor we can guarantee this thanks to our laboratories with more than 50 years of experience in cosmeceuticals. Thanks to our incredible scientists, who have been at the forefront of skin stem cell innovations and breakthroughs we have developed two lines that contain stem cells.

Eternal: Skeyndor’s Eternal range contains the regenerative power of liposomes, derived from apple origin stem cells. These act on your skin stem cells to produce a greater amount of vital dermal substances, filling wrinkles, firming the skin and bringing luminosity to the face.

Timeless Prodigy: Timeless Prodigy by Skeyndor is a technological jewel to globally and definitively fight against the signs of skin ageing. Its formulation contains the revitalizing power of 50 million Damascus rose stem cells and is combined with the power of 10 other active ingredients, including five growth factors, white truffle and kombucha to eliminate signs of ageing. Including wrinkles and sagging, hydrating the skin in depth to revitalize its appearance and create that youthful glow. Timeless Prodigy is exclusive to select Skeyndor Spas and Beauty Salons.

Find your closest Eternal and Timeless Prodigy stockists to see the results for yourself, click here.

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