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Get The Most Out of a Face Mask

In my opinion, a beauty ritual is not complete until you have a good face mask. But how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of one? 

I have some handy tips to make sure you know when, how often and what order to put your face mask on. 

When: at night. Face masks can be applied at any time of the day as long as you have time to dedicate to a full mask routine. That’s why I recommend applying it at night. Either before a night out when your spending a whole afternoon to pamper yourself or on a Sunday night when all you want to do it lay in the tub. This way your skin will appreciate that moment of total attention without stress.

How: You can apply a face mask with your fingers or to help you with or a spatula or brush. With the spatula or your fingers, you will be able to apply the product while massaging it into the face (especially important with masks that also exfoliate such as MyMASK Jam & Charcoal). While with a brush, you will be able to achieve a more uniform coverage. But it’s up to you. 

Accessories: Now this is something you will have laying around the house, don’t stress. Make sure you’re bobble, headband or clip ready. There nothing worse than getting a product in your hair so make sure your face is completely free from it. 

Time: It is not necessary to have an entire afternoon with a clay face, especially with our NEW range of 5-minute masks but always read the back of your face mask to see the recommended time. But if you do want that extra mask time feel free to extend it by an extra 5 minutes or when the mask has dried use the Aquatherm Thermal Spray to refresh it.  

Age: There is never an exact age for the use of one treatment or another. It will always depend on your skin, it needs and your goals. Although it is true that from 25 the Chrono ageing begins to take its toll. So, having a face mask around with help keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated. 

Skin type: Each skin is different therefore we will all need different masks. First, we must understand what type of skin we have either normal, dry, combination or oily and then decide on what we want to achieve with a face mask. Choosing the perfect mask for your skin is a very important step if you need guidance click here.

Frequency: A mask should be applied between 1-2 times per week. It is a treatment and will help enhance your cleansing and daily skin ritual to prepare for those new skin cells. 

Pre-Mask: Before starting a face mask ritual you have to prepare the skin. Remove any traces of makeup, grease and impurities with your facial cleanser, toner and a good makeup remover, I recommend my favourite Skeyndor product the Micellar water. Once you have your skin free of dirt you can start the treatment.

Massage: Perform a gentle massage when you are applying the face mask. Besides activating circulation, you will help the mask penetrate the skin better.

Post-Mask: Once you have removed the face mask, splash a little cold water on your face, but not much! This will help circulation and close the pores. The apply your favourite eye cream, serum and moisturiser. 

These are just some little tips to make sure your face mask is giving you the best skin results. 

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Elysha Lauren x

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